Angel Ambassador & Medium

Valerie is an Angel Ambassador & Medium communicating with Archangel Michael, angels, ascended masters & deceased loved ones.

Valerie Wood is an internationally known clear and gifted angelic ambassador, medium, ordained minister, radio host, and founder of  “The Angels’ Oak Tree Teachings.”  She is a bridge that allows Archangel Michael as well as other Archangels, angels, ascended masters, and loved ones to communicate their love, guidance, compassion & humor to others.  Yes, humor, as Michael can be a very funny Angel.  Seeing her first angel at the age of 21 set her on a spiritual journey to seek answers to her questions. After studying spiritual material for years spontaneously Archangel Michael communicated with her.  Once again her path was changed forever.  Angels are here to guide us in all areas of life including work, relationships, love, and money.  Their wisdom is one that is always available to us; all we need to do is ask.

Valerie is available at Options 4 Health (Marengo Office) by Appointment!

Angel Reading/Guidance

30 minutes…..$70
45 minutes……$105
60 minutes…..$140

*You are welcome to tape your own session.

Call Options 4 Health at 815-568-1444 to book an appointment!