Metaphysical Counsel & Tarot/Meditation/Intuitive Coaching
With Intuitive Reader Jan Cederlund, Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc.

If you’ve ever had your cards read, or if this is your first time, most people have the same initial question~ “Is this reader weird? …a fraud?” “Will he or she be someone whose counsel and integrity I can trust??”

From Jan~ I understand your concerns because I’ve sat on both sides of the table. For over 30 years I’ve studied the cards and wondered how it all worked. And that curiosity has lead me to in-depth study into the vast fields of meditation and metaphysical science. Now, I’m bringing that expertise to the table…to your table, to uncover answers to the questions that are yours alone.

Whether its Tarot Reading, Meditation Counsel, or Intuitive Life Coaching, Jan Cederlund will guide you with a friendly openness rarely found at psychic fairs and tourist traps. Learn the forces that are influencing your daily drama, and the life patterns that are impacting your personal growth.

Sessions are:

  • 1/2 hour for $40
  • 3/4 hour for $60
  • 1 hour for $80

Phone readings also available. Session length is determined by personal resonance between client and reader; always with compassionate emphasis on client comfort and satisfaction~ Join Jan at the table!

Call 815-568-1444 for Availability